A folding bike offers a great solution to any person who has shortage of storage space. It enables one to travel without any hustle. On the other hand, it should be convenient to carry on trains and buses. Today, there are a range of high quality affordable bikes that offer good value for your money. For those who don’t want to do too much physical activity, they can go for electric versions. It’s advisable that you research on the specifications and features to ensure you choose one that fits your style. Let me walk you through some tips to consider when choosing a cheap folding bike.


If you use a bike to commute, you should choose one that has a lightweight frame. One of the selling points of a cheap folding bike is portability. A good bike should be made of aluminum metal that is easy to lift and carry around. This will ensure that if you live in an apartment, you will not hustle when going up and down the staircases. Unlike other standard bikes, a folding bike should be portable and more compact.


You should buy a bike that you are guaranteed it will last for years. One must be able to differentiate between a high quality and low quality folding bike. As a shopper, you must understand that it’s not the price that matters but quality. A bike should be a long-term investment. However, you should choose a bike that fits your budget. Choose one that comes with a good warranty for the frame, handlebar and fork.


Choosing a bike that breaks down in the middle of the ride is likely to cause accidents. You should choose a bike that has a double safety latch. This ensures the hinges don’t get lose no matter how hard you cycle. Many folding bikes come with high quality components. Although cheap folding bikes may require frequent maintenance; you can still find a good bike that will guarantee safety and one that will not break down too often. Likewise, it should offer high performance. You should talk with your dealer about the routine checks you need to carry out before making the actual purchase.

Ease of Folding

A good bike should be easy to fold and unfold in matter of seconds. The folding speed depends on where the folding joints are, how large it is and the material it’s made of. It should take at most a minute or less before putting it in the trunk of your car.

In a nut shell, it’s recommended that you consider your weight, height and budget before purchasing a bike. There are different brands of cheap folding bikes on the internet hence, it’s important that you make a careful choice. On the other hand, you should not go for cheap bikes that offer very little value or those that break too often. Secondly, you should buy from a company that focuses on ride quality and performance. Before purchasing the bike, you should familiarize yourself with the basic anatomy. Finally; to pick up the right cheap folding bike, you should compare what each dealer is offering as well as reviews of other customers.