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Go for a cultural stroll through the four corners of France! Whether you are on holiday or not, Art will make you travel. Discover a new world, a Dalí as you have never seen it, a car park transformed into a museum of urban art.

The Dream of Forms at the Palais de Tokyo

This summer, the Palais de TokyoReinvents shapes because “What shapes are we dreaming of? What do shapes dream about? “A score of contemporary artists and scientists have gathered to try to answer these questions. Together, they explored the uncertainty of forms at the Fresnoy school. Also called “the Villa Medicis high-tech”, it is currently recognized for its advanced technology! It is no coincidence that today, the exhibition questions two major issues: unique art and science. Two areas that feed on one another and reinvent themselves a little more.

It is an imaginary landscape that you can see at the Palais de Tokyo. These are unknown forms, future universes. Discover here a primitivity that you do not know yet. That of metamorphoses, of a hypothetical world. Immersed in the digital, mechanical, you will explore new possibilities. You will renew with nature, its animal and vegetable world. Imagine the unimaginable, find an abstract universe where “everything deforms, even the shapeless” (Victor Hugo).

Exhibition Dalí: Eureka! At the Museum of Modern Art of Céret

Salvador Dalí continues to make people talk about him, even after his death! An exhibition on its relation to science is currently organized at the Museum of Modern Art in Céret. City in which he spent during his tour in Roussillon. The museum also invited those who knew or met the artist to come and testify. This is how one learns the eminent triumph of his arrival in this charming border town of Spain.

Dali is an exciting personality, curious from every angle. Surrealism was an art of living for him. He is in search of immortality and would like to pierce the mysteries of existence. His research has led him to various scientific fields. He encounters psychoanalysis with Freud, he asks about the atom after Hiroshima and Nagazaki. He is looking for answers in quantum mechanics, evolution, mathematics … And this is what the Museum of Modern Art of Céret exhibits this summer. You will explore the various research, scientific-artistic discoveries of a “genius” of the twentieth! And when Le Figaro asks him why this unexpected interest in science comes to him, he answers without hesitation that “artists do not interest me. I believe that artists should have scientific notions to advance on another ground, that of unity. ” And now KAZoART also asks a question: was Dalí so crazy that it did not appear?

The parking Saint Gervais: a new alternative museum

Since June 2, 2017, the parking Saint-Gervais is nearly twenty-two thousand cubic meters of painted walls. Eleven floors of street art each made by an artist. All this in 17 days, no more and no less. This is how a sad concrete labyrinth has recently been transformed.

Today, at the foot of Mont Blanc, you will have the privilege of visiting an alternative museum, a bold concept: the 2KM3! A place of exception in which twelve artists have had space to develop their universe. When Hugues Chevallier inaugurated his project, he had only one condition: let the imagination of the artists express themselves! On the day of its opening, the Mayor of Saint-Gervais began his speech in these terms: “2KM3 is a magic recipe. Composed of a pinch of envy, a zest of passion … “Surely, the parking of Saint-Gervais is the new place impossible to circumvent contemporary art.

A thousand kisses at the Museum of Fine Arts of Calais

“The only real language in the world is a kiss,” said Musset. It is universal, timeless and practiced at all hours of the day, or at night. It is the privilege of lovers. It is a moment of tenderness, a declaration, a promise, a secret, a ritual … The kiss, so common in appearance, can say so many things! But what does Art say?

The Musée des Beaux-Arts in Calais pays tribute to Rodin for his hundredth anniversary. Her famous “Kiss” serves as a starting point for an exploration of the loving embrace in art. It is an opening over two centuries of tenderness among the greatest artists. Brancusi, Picasso, Le Corbusier, Orlan, Chagall … have also spoken this language and their works bear witness to this. “Between myth and reality, between codes and protocols of yesterday, today and tomorrow, they (re) think of the relationship with the Other. “With the exhibition” The Kiss in Art … from Rodin to Wan Du “.

“The gesture” at the castle of Poncé-sur-le-Loir

In the heart of the Sarthe, in a green setting, proudly stands the castle of Poncé. An architectural testimony of the Renaissance, this place is already sufficient to itself. And yet, this summer you will also discover a contemporary exhibition. The works of twelve artists have been grouped around a common theme: that of gesture.

Everything starts from gesture and especially painting. It is the origin of the stroke of the brush and we are never witnesses of this spectacle. The exhibition decanted the movements of these artists to better see them. Guy Malherbe favors matter in his painting. While what Caribai traits make vibrate a cracked world. Or there is still Degottex, this major artist of lyrical abstraction. This movement of art leaves plenty of space for emotions and spontaneity, even to the point of abandoning figuration. You will discover the creative processes of many artists. It is an entrance into their workshops, a return to a fleeting moment. An incredible opportunity to explore the gestures, singular and plural, of contemporary art.